Regional Conference on IFJ “ Ethical Journalism Initiative” Campaign in Dubai

Author: The International Federation of Journalists( IFJ)

“At its best journalism can build bridges to change the world” Aidan White, IFJ General Secretary

The International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) and the Journalists’ Association in the United Arab Emirates (UAE-JA) jointly organized a regional conference to launch the IFJ’s “Ethical Journalism Initiative” in the Arab World in Dubai on 8-9 February 2009.

Journalists unions, media organizations from the region participated in this conference as well as specialists from the media community worldwide.

The conference themes were: Building Democracy through truth, independence and media responsibility, The Challenge of Pluralism and Diversity, Ethics in Times of War and Building the Peace and Editorial Independence and Fighting Corruption.

The IFJ’s Ethical Journalism campaign in the Arab world, as anywhere else, seeks to integrate the values of quality journalism in the reality of an ever changing world dominated by fast moving information and the increasingly important role of the Internet which places the power of news distribution in the hands of millions of web users, not just journalists in their newspapers or on their radio and television programmes.

Today journalists are the moderators of a great conversation in which they can provide context, nuance, explanation, commentary and enhanced understanding of events,” said Aidan White, IFJ General Secretary, in his keynote speech at the Dubai conference. “At its best journalism can build bridges to change the world. But it will only succeed in this if there is space created for professional and independent media activity.”

Following the conference, The IFJ has decided to open a regional project office in Bahrain to coordinate activities of the Ethical Journalism in the region.

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