Key texts

This book is intended to be a useful resource for anyone who thinks that they might be interested in becoming a data journalist, or dabbling in data journalism. The Data Journalism Handbook is an initiative of the European Journalism Centre and the Open Knowledge Foundation . [..]

The digital publishing guidelines published by the Washington Post offer journalists advice on sourcing, attribution, correction, clarifications and other basis tricks and techniques about publishing online. Read more

(MAN) The Media Awareness Network has developed That’s Not Me – a new online tutorial for professional development to help educators and community leaders approach diveristy issues through key concepts of media literacy. [..]

(Internews) "Speak Up, Speak Out" is a toolkit published by Internews for journalists reporting on gender and human rights issues. It serves as a guide for journalists covering sensitive issues like gender violence, human trafficking and labour exploitation. [..]

Download the full report, The Status of Women in the U.S. Media 2012 .

(RCFP) How a wave of protests across in the US has tested police-press relations, and what it means for journalists who cover them. This guide provide the general law that governs claims that the government somehow violated an individual’s civil rights and discusses the factual scenarios that often determine the results. ( Read more )

This is a brief guide to help journalists and media professionals navigate the tricky areas of media law, including defamation, copyright, anti-terrorism and vilification laws in Australia. ( Read more ) (Source: The News Manual)

The News Manual is an online resource for journalists, media trainers and educators. It is a practical guide to people entering the profession and to support mid-career journalists wanting to improve their skills. It contains three volumns: I. Basic Techniques ; II. Advanced Reporting ; III. Ethics and the Law .