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The Association of Prefessional Journalists (AJP) published the first study that examines the diversity and equality in the French-speaking press in Belgium. The study examined 2225 articles of six newspapers over a period of 3 days. [..]

An online tool to help journalists avoid online hoax. ( read more )

(CIME) In May 2011, CIME launched a web-based survey to find out how media ethics works in different parts of the world. The questionnaire aimed to get a general concept about how media professionals themselves see their position at work and the ethical standards of media in their country. The analysis reflects how media ethics is represented in other parts of the world. [..]

Matt Thompson of the Poynter Institute provides 10 tips on how to write a better headline that capture the essence of news and the audience. ( read more )

(RFPA) Download the training guide HERE .

(BBC) The BBC publishes the latest social media guide for journalists. You can download the guide HERE .

A set of rights explained by the Media Awareness Network

Investigative journalists in Africa often operate in environments which seem by default designed to shut them down. Repressive media laws, lack of resources and a widespread culture of secrecy are but a few of the challenges facing journalists questioning the conduct of those in power. Read